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12 24 November 2021

Love Thy Neighbour
Asia Triennial Manchester 2021

With a two-week interdisciplinary programme of art, poetry, film, immersive installation and performance, ATM21 will investigate how we can build a more compassionate relationship with our neighbours, from the hyperlocal to the international.

Taking place in the newly opened Manchester Poetry Library, an exhibition of postcards will portray the rich histories of Asian art through modern and contemporary interpretations. Intimate and immediate, the artist’s postcard is a microcosm, a miniature work of art designed for a specific social purpose - to connect with others. The unique collection features prints, photography, fine art, embroidery and poetry from multiple countries of origin and artists such as Louise Soloway Chan and Rekha Rodwittiya.

This multifaceted event aims to develop and promote the work of British and international artists that work across the context of Asian contemporary visual culture. We will promote understanding and debate around the UK’s relationship with Asia, and seek international perspectives, from historical knowledge to present and future economic and cultural influence. ATM21 and the theme of Love Thy Neighbour will explore the notion that loving one’s neighbour is synonymous with loving one’s self; and community as being the antidote to isolation.

This event is free and open to the public, booking is not necessary.

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